Improving Paging Communication

In a June, 2018 audit of paging logs at North Shore Hospital, the caller’s name or contact number was missing in 40% of pages from surgical wards and over 50% in pages from medical wards.



100% of page recipients know who is calling and reason for the page by September, 2018.


  • Introduced Smartpage which pre-populates:
  • Requestor Name, Contact number, Ward, and Patient NHI
  • Go-Live for Smart Page for daytime use will be the week of 27 August.


Because Smartpage pre-populates the contact information, the page recipient receives this information 100% of the time.
Having this information reduces the time to respond to the page, which improves patient care and staff experiences.

Project Team

Team Member
  • Jenna Jacobsen Toeono
  • Shane Fullam
Project Sponsors
  • Penny Andrew, Director of Institute for Innovation and Improvement (i3)
  • Stuart Bloomfield, Chief Information Officer

Next Steps

  • (September 2018) Roll out Smartpage to all house officers who receive pages
  • Share results with page senders and recipients and ask for feedback on the new device.

Jenna Jacobsen Toeono

Health Informatics Fellow, Innovation & Improvement

Shane Fullam

Information Systems Specialist | Health Information Group

Dr Penny Andrew

Director of Institute for Innovation and Improvement (i3)

Stuart Bloomfield

Chief Information Officer
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