Our People

We are a diverse team with skills and experience in allied health, anthropology, digital technology, engineering, health psychology, improvement science, informatics, law, medicine, nursing, operations management, public health and research

i3 Team

Dr Penny Andrew

Director of i3

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I am an energetic optimist and love the challenge of 'how can we make this happen?' Law teaches you to think about a problem from different perspectives which really helps you to understand why something is important for whom and who you need to work with to make things happen. I believe in 'doing' - it's only by making an idea real that we can learn and improve. Ultimately, the essential ingredient is people - by bringing together different ways of thinking, ideas and experience we can be fantastically creative and anything is possible.

Dr Robyn Whittaker

Clinical Director of Innovation

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I'm a public health physician with interests in mHealth and health IT, and translating innovations into practice

Dr Jonathan Wallace

Assoc Director of i3

Delwyn Armstrong

Head of Analytics

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I have a passion for wringing the value out of our rich clinical information to benefit current and future patients. My skills lie in problem-solving, data analytics and finding outstanding people to work with

Elna Meller

Manager of i3

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My skills include excellent coordinating skills and problem solving ability as well as time management, communication and public relations skills

Karen Fielding

Health Leadership Programme Manager

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My background is in workforce planning, research and project management in healthcare. I am passionate about collaborative leadership, building positive relationships and the links between leadership, values and culture

Sharon Puddle

Head of Digital Transformation

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I have a background in engineering science + my passion is for achieving great user experience with websites, systems, dashboards + reports in order to make data + information easier for people to access + understand

Dr Lara Hopley

Anaesthetist/Digital Innovations

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I am a specialist anaesthetist with an interest in human factors, system design and the computer-human interface

Barbara Corning-Davis

Systems Engineer

Bernie Berger

Strategic Programme Coordinator

Dr Carlene Lawes

Public Health Physician - Surgical + Ambulatory

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I am a Public Health Physician and I make relevant, robust clinical information accessible to clinicians in Surgical Services so we can monitor and understand patterns, and find ways to improve clinical care and patient outcomes

Charlie Aitken

Telehealth Coordinator

Danni Yu

Innovation + Improvement Project Manager

Danny Hunter

Information Analyst

Dean Croft

Lead Advisor - Informatics, Improvement + Research

Dina Emmanuel

Innovation + Improvement Project Manager

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I’m a results oriented Chemical Process Engineer, data driven Lean Six Sigma black belt with project management skills. Passionate about working with others and helping them achieve their goals

Dr Emma Britton

Public Health Physician

Dr Geetha Galgali

Public Health Physician - Child Women + Family

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I am a Public Health Physician and I provide strategic direction, evidence based advice for service provision to improve health outcomes and reduce inequalities in our services

Jane Yang

Information Analyst

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I am always here to help you solve the problem related to data

Jeanette Bell

Innovation + Improvement Project Manager

Dr Jerome Ng

Lead Advisor Improvement Research + Informatics

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A trusted advisor, researcher and clinician with expertise in patient safety and medicines management with a passion for improving healthcare quality

Keith Gulayan

Web Developer

Joel Rewa-Morgan

Innovation + Improvement Project Manager

Kelly Bohot

Innovation + Improvement Care Redesign Team Leader

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I have worked on a few different aspects of the healthcare system, including as a clinician and so I can approach numerous situations with a broader understanding

Dr Kim Fong

Innovations Researcher

Laura Broome

Innovation + Improvement Project Manager

Leigh van Niekerk

Personal Assistant

Lisa Sue

Innovation + Improvement Project Manager

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My background is a pharmacist and I enjoy working together with a wide range of stakeholders to broaden my perspectives on healthcare. As a project manager,  I am passionate about continuous improvement, problem solving and adding value to those under our care.

Lydia Gow

Innovation + Improvement Project Manager

Mandy Spencer

Information Analyst Outcomes + Experience

Monique Greene

Information Analyst

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My skills are in bringing together and analysing health data and working closely with clinicians

Mustafa Shaabany

Innovation + Improvement Project Manager

Peter Van der Weijer

Programme Director e-Clinics

Dr Prathima Chowdary

Innovation + Improvement Medical Engineer

Richard Wilde

Information Analyst

Shane Fullam

Innovation Vendor Coordinator

Sue French

Innovation + Improvement Project Manager

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I am a nurse who has is passionate about using my clinical, management and leadership experience to help others transform their improvement ideas from a concept to reality

Susanna Galea-Singer

Strategic Lead

eCALD Team

Our eCALD team are world leaders in the development and provision of CALD courses and resources to support the health workforce to develop CALD cultural competence for working with clients, families and colleagues.

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Sue Lim

eCALD National Programme Director

Choi Kew

eCALD Cross-Cultural Educator

Amy Cao

eCALD Course Coordinator

Elena Wong

eCALD Course Coordinator
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