Protected Meal Time in CADS Inpatient Detox Unit


Decrease in overall interruptions during meal time.


To achieve gold standard (score >=90) at the next Patient and Whanau Centred Care Standard audit in Dec 2018 in 1 specific category of: Able to eat meals without interruption
Overall score dropped from 91.7% in June 2017 to 79.2% in Dec 2017


Diagnostic data showed most meal interruptions were by staff for medications
Discussed with IPU staff and referenced WDHB protected mealtimes policy

PDSA 1:   Discussed issue and policy with all IPU staff

  Changed medication timings (brought forward by half hour)

PDSA 2:   Signage in dining room indicating 20 mins of uninterrupted meal time

Project Team

Team Member
  • Astrid Smith, CADS Consumer liaison
  • Ashishma Devi, Registered Nurse
  • Elly Richards, Clinical Nurse Educator
  • Keryn Wilson, Charge Nurse Manager
Project Sponsor
  • Mags Ross, Manager, CADS
Project Lead
  • Jason Cabral-Tarry, CADS
  • Meg Smith, CNS

Next Steps

  • Week of 20 Aug: PDSA 1 and 2 implementation
  • Week of 27 Aug: Data collection and analysis
  • Week of 3 Sept: Share results and accept/alter/abandon intervention

Sustainability Plan: consumer liaison to do ongoing measurements and share results with charge nurse manager and team

Spread: achieve gold standard in all areas of care standards in Dec 2018.

Astrid Smith

CADS Consumer liaison

Ashishma Devi

Registered Nurse

Elly Richards

Clinical Nurse Educator

Keryn Wilson

Charge Nurse Manager

Mags Ross


Jason Cabral-Tarry

Clinical Quality Coordinator

Meg Smith

Clinical Nurse Specialist
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