Health Leadership

Some people predict the future

A leader creates it

Health Leadership

Development of people with skills, experience + expertise needed to lead + champion healthcare redesign + innovation

Fellows' Programme

Developing future innovation + improvement leaders, creating new opportunities for health professionals to develop knowledge, experience, a system perspective + networks required to lead healthcare transformation

Transforming Care

Supporting the sequential development of knowledge, skills + experience required to continuously innovate + improve

RACMA Programme

Supporting doctors undertaking the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators (RACMA) Fellowship Training Programme – developing medical leadership + management expertise


An opportunity for students to learn about + contribute to healthcare innovation + improvement 

Engineers in Residence

An opportunity for post-graduate engineers to work with clinicians + other staff, learning about + designing a solution to a health challenge

Public Health Medicine Registrars

An opportunity for Masters of Public Health Registrars to complete advanced training work placement, developing + applying public health skills in innovation + improvement

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