Our alumni have
left their mark +
have taken off
to spread their
ideas + energy

Alumni 2017-2018

Annabel Farry

Midwifery Fellow

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Charlotte Smith

Innovation in Medical Education Student (2017/18)

Christine Smith

Midwifery Fellow

Dr Dylan Mordaunt

Oncology Fellow (2017)

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Dr Eleri Clissold

Quality Improvement Fellow

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Josh Asi

Qlik Data Discovery Student (2017/2018)

Justin Jang

Masters of Bioscience Enterprise Intern (2017)

Dr Katherine Tse

Healthcare Design Fellow (2017)

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Kyle Lamb

Clinical Systems + Pilot Evaluation Student (2017/18)

Matthew Wearn

Data Entry + Extraction Student (2017/18)

Dr Nick Eichler

Public Health Medicine Registrar

Sasha Kljakovic

Innovation Fellow

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Dr Vani Chandran

Undergraduate Medical Education Fellow
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