Katherine Tse

Katherine Tse, MBChB

Healthcare Design Fellow

Kia Ora! I’m a doctor and New Zealand’s first Healthcare Design Fellow. This nine-month fellowship has been instrumental in providing development and leadership skills in the area of facility design in health. I have always been inspired by architecture and while in the hospital questioned who designed hospital layouts and wondered how I could rack up 12km of walking on a long day.

During this fellowship, I’ve developed an applied understanding of:

  • the processes in which facilities are initiated and developed within a DHB
  • being a part of the user group process – understanding staff needs from a facility
  • initiating the involvement of the inpatient voice towards the feasibility study of an Integrated Stroke Unit
  • analysing the evaluations of facility design – lessons learnt, post implementation reviews and post occupancy evaluations
  • collaboration with academic institutions such as Massey University and the University of Auckland to understand our current physical environment and work to improve this environment and enhance patient’s sleep and recovery
  • creating a movement to ensure our core design principals and Ideal Ward work is integrated with Evidence Based Design for the extension of the Elective Surgical Centre should this pass concept phase.
  • utilising a patient-centred approach to decision making in selection of furnishings

This fellowship has provided invaluable skills that have highlighted the need for a patient-centric approach to the design of facilities and services.

While I am returning to full-time clinical work with the ambition of becoming a Radiation Oncologist, I will continue to use and develop my skills in the healthcare design arena; enhancing patient experiencing and improving outcomes.





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